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Why are representation and warranties notable in oil and gas transactions?
A considerable amount of litigation can result from representations relating to gas imbalances,...
November 30, 2017
Why are operator and joint venture agreements important in oil and gas transactions?
Change of operator provision can become important because if triggered, it can affect ownership.
November 30, 2017
What makes confidentiality agreements unique in oil and gas transactions?
There are two specific confidentiality provisions that are unique to oil and gas transactions.
November 30, 2017
What are the most common tax issues in oil and gas transactions?
These transactions often have tax partnerships within a group of assets and they must be considered...
November 30, 2017
What is the HSR filing threshold in an oil and gas transaction?
When structuring an oil and gas transaction, the Hart-Scott-Rodino threshold is significantly...
November 30, 2017