Saul Ewing’s Retirement Plan Tops List for Philadelphia Area-Based Companies with the Best 401(K) Plans

Saul Ewing’s Retirement Plan Tops List for Philadelphia Area-Based Companies with the Best 401(K) Plans

(Philadelphia, PA, June 11, 2012) — Saul Ewing LLP is pleased to announce that it was ranked #1 in BrightScope’s annual list of the 25 best 401(k) plans for Philadelphia area companies containing more than $100 million in assets. This is the first time the Firm has been named to the list.

BrightScope is a leading provider of independent financial information and investment research. Its rankings are derived from data supplied from plan sponsors and record keepers, as well as from publicly available sources such as the U.S. Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Saul Ewing achieved a ranking of 86.89 out of a possible 100.

“In this competitive legal market, we understand how important retirement plans are for our attorneys and staff members,” said Managing Partner David S. Antzis. “This ranking will buoy our commitment to maintaining a meaningful retirement program so our attorneys and employees can plan for a secure financial future.”

Saul Ewing employs 240 attorneys and approximately 330 staff members across 11 offices in six states and the District of Columbia. Its Retirement Plans are administered by BMO Retirement Services, an industry recognized, bundled retirement plan provider headquartered in the Midwest. BMO serves as plan provider for both of the Firm’s Section 401(k) Plans offering partners, staff and associates the opportunity to be successful savers and investors. The Plans incorporate the automatic enrollment feature resulting in higher account balances and deferral rates compared to the national average. Additionally, participants can contribute to their account on a pre-tax basis, Roth after-tax basis or a combination of both. The Plans’ core fund line-up provides participants with a diversified investment strategy that includes stock mutual funds, bond funds and cash-equivalent investments, as well as the ability to invest in individually-directed accounts.

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