Feldstein quoted on Sterling Jewelry Co.

Feldstein quoted on Sterling Jewelry Co.
Discrimination Charges Tarnish Jewelry Company’s Image
March 13, 2017
Robert Teachout

Allison Feldstein, a partner in Saul Ewing’s Labor and Employment Practice, discusses complaints against Sterling Jewelry Company in an article published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The article explains that the claims against the company, including sexual harassment and discrimination, have developed into a class action lawsuit encompassing more than 69,000 employees and the claims being made public. Allison notes that while the sexual harassment claims are the most shocking, most occur outside the statute of limitations for filling with the Equal Opportunity Commission and may be used as “evidence intended to prove how the company treats women, as opposed to actionable claims in and of themselves.” In the article, Allison also explains the impact of the allegations of sex discrimination and sex-based pay discrimination. "Those are the claims that will be most costly to Sterling, as they are likely the timely allegations which prompted filing of the arbitration," said Allison. 
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