Published: July 11, 2018

The District Court for the District of Connecticut denied Allstate's motion to dismiss its insureds’ breach of contract and statutory bad faith claims, finding that the cost to fix damage to the concrete foundation of the insureds’ home may be covered under their policy's collapse provisions. The issue of collapse coverage has been closely followed in Connecticut because as many as 35,000 homes may be at risk of structural unsoundness or collapse due to defective concrete likely linked to a single quarry.  With the backdrop of this statewide problem, the decision in Maki v.

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Published: August 15, 2017

On December 24, 2013, a fire destroyed Plaintiffs’ home.  Plaintiffs’ homeowners’ policy, issued by State Farm, required insureds to submit personal property inventories within sixty days after a loss.  Three days after the fire, a State Farm agent notified Plaintiff Coenen that she needed to complete a personal property inventory before her claim could be processed.  In March 2014, a public adjustor also advised Coenen that she needed to prepare a personal property inventory.  These instructions notwithstanding, Coenen did not submit an inventory unt

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Published: April 17, 2017

The Texas Supreme Court has announced five rules which the Court believes will “provide clarity regarding the relationship between claims for an insurance policy breach and Insurance Code violations.” USAA Texas Lloyds Co. v. Menchaca, No. 14-0721, slip op. at 6 (Tex. April 7, 2017). 

The new rules are:

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Published: October 11, 2016

Toney v. State Farm Lloyds, Case No. 14-40914, 2016 WL 4784012 (5th Cir. Sept. 13, 2016).

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Published: October 1, 2014

Eastman v. Allstate Ins. Co., No. 14cv0703, 2014 WL 5355036 (S.D. Cal. Oct. 20, 2014).

Southern District of California denies motion to dismiss bad faith claim in connection with coverage dispute under homeowners policy.

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