Client Service Feedback Program

Every law firm says that it is committed to client service. But the real question is whether or not the firm is able to translate that commitment into action. At Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, we have instituted a comprehensive in-house Client Service Feedback Program that is a force for continuous improvement. The firm’s Director of Client Relations regularly conducts detailed interviews with multiple people at key client organizations to examine the quality of our work, our knowledge of our clients’ businesses, the clarity of our communications and how we compare with our competitors. We also distribute electronic surveys to gather feedback. The findings are then shared with the relevant client service team, which then works on areas for improvement, monitors client business issues and suggests additional, targeted opportunities for the firm to add value.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from clients through this program*:

  •  “The Firm’s ‘personality’ syncs well with our company because the firm’s lawyers are practical and down-to-earth without pomposity, smart and hard-working, and willing to roll up their sleeves.”
  •  “My attorney is able to weigh the risks and give practical counsel.  He is proactive – he does not just say “do this now” but, instead, he lays out steps to help avoid problems down the line.” 
  •  “The Firm understands our company and recognizes our importance as a client. Even the small jobs are handled with a high level of service.”
  • “My attorney’s ‘in-house perspective’ makes her quicker on the uptake when it comes to identifying the business risk of a legal decision. She also knows us and our business people and communicates with the right finesse.”
  • “I appreciate that my attorney picks up his own phone, which is rare for outside counsel.”
  • “My attorney is my trusted advisor and an extended part of my team.  I am comfortable having the business people call him directly.”
  •  “My attorney tells me the issues, then explains the impact, the end game and the business motive.”

The Client Service Feedback Program provides a continually refined set of best practices, and influences the firm’s strategic plan. These best practices are shared with Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr attorneys through one-to-one coaching and group training to help make them as good at client service as they are at the technical aspects of their profession.


* Quotes made during in-person client feedback interviews.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.